Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Another long day

All that tree debris was mulched up and removed ( not suitable for playground softfall) and the gutter guy came and cleaned out the gutters so the school is tidy and ready for term 2.

A mow would make it look even better but I'll wait until after sports to do that. ( I'll move sand from the long jump pit first. ) That should top up our sand pit nicely.

I started work on 'Miss Peregine' today and finished some work samples 
( a side show tent and a mini reader below)


Today I also completed an insect science unit, changed displays and organised a CRT for the first Wednesday of next term. ( That took an hour to find someone suitable)

Another big day tomorrow. I'll finish that lit unit, get work organised for the grade 2 kids, do some cleaning  and organise our Maths for the first month.Hopefully I won't need to go up on Thursday.

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