Friday, 29 April 2016

Well that was a weird day....

We were supposed to have athletics sport today at Llanberris but we had rain instead. Rain is good, we need it desperately but it would have been better not to have had it today of all days. 
I got an email from the organiser by 7:30 am just as I was heading off down the hill so....I went back and texted all the parents within 5 minutes to let them know it was cancelled. Some turned up to school and some didn't. 
They left at lunch time so I was stuck at work by myself. My daughter popped up with pasta for us so I had a nice lunch with good company. I got the cleaning done today instead of tomorrow. 
I have talked to both grade 6 girls now about the books I want to use for literature. Neither came up with books other than the ones I chose. Maybe they can think of a few later in the year. 
Once I've finished my current unit the girls will work on Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights ( there's a play version on in Ballarat in a fortnight that might be good to see- not on in school time though) and Pride and Prejudice. 
The boys will do work on Moonfleet and The Wreckers. They may like to mix and match depending on what they prefer. I will start preparing a unit on Pride and Prejudice this weekend. I've started re-reading it but I might cheat and watch the DVD. ( one of my students said she saw a version the other day and liked it a lot) I want to read a few more contemporary children's books after that ( Tuck Everlasting and Holes) and then for something a bit unusual The Spy Who Came In From the Cold. ( John LeCarre) But I'm jumping ahead of myself a bit. We will finish The Silver Sword by Tuesday and then I'll start Carries War. We should finish this unit in 2 weeks.We have a few craft tasks to complete- a diorama of war damaged Warsaw, a suitcase for Carries War, a London Blitz picture and a few I hope interesting tasks for Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. The fairy tale unit is going well, Jack and the Beanstalk at the moment. Alison Middleton is visiting us a few times each week to work with one of the grade 2 kids and she is making great progress. My grade 3 student is currently reading Berenstain Bears books and has a research and creative writing task to finish next week, she also has NAPLAN testing to start the following week

I prepared a sample passport for our writing task making a document wallet while those at school worked on their models.
The kids finished their comics and missing persons posters this morning.
We don't have an alternative date for sports. That was another job this afternoon watching emails flying between schools while they tried to find a date! The Monday after next sounds like the prefered date but that isn't decided on yet. 
A busy week again. I have a collegiate group meeting on Tuesday night which should be a bit intense...... I hope! I also have the first meeting of our new school council on Friday where I'll table our final annual report, my performance plan ( yeah I know, no other principal would do that!) and our 2016 budget. ( a busy meeting indeed) we also have a major excursion to approve that will have a sport/ Olympics theme which I'll be keen to talk about. 
I want to get some plants for our garden for the winter. ( silverbeet and onions maybe) I'll talk to the nursery about it next week. I'll pick the zucchini we have but leave the tomatoes a bit longer. I hope we can use a few on some pizzas later. I'll ask those interested to help me plant them. We have some bulbs popping up too.
Tomorrow I'll work on Pride and Prejudice up at work and I have a bit of shopping to do for school,probably 7-8 hours work.

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