Friday, 1 April 2016

Term 2

I guess you would call this my first full day back at school for term 2 ( I had a few half days last week mostly tidying up after Easter, typing up School Council minutes and cleaning). Today I got started early on a literature unit for The Silver Sword and Carries War. Except for a few work samples which I'll collect while using the unit, Carries War is complete. I will start and finish The Silver Sword tomorrow. I created a 'London Blitz' silhouette painting this afternoon as well ( photos below)

Sketches for the Carrie's War and The Silver Sword unit.
Next week I have at least 3 days at school ( Two major maintenance tasks to supervise, a science and a maths unit to finish, learning tasks for grade 2 and 3 for the first month, the Ivanhoe unit to prepare for and the World War Two unit to finish, lots of paper work and submissions , tidying up and cleaning and  re- submitting our Annual Report- don't ask why!)

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