Sunday, 10 April 2016

Day one term 2

Everybody arrived on time at our new official starting time of 8:30 today which is a good start. 
I started reading Ivanhoe and we began work on our insects unit. Unfortunately one of the things we were planning to do is missing parts!!!!! so we will have to do something else...but that's ok, we are flexible here if nothing else.
One of my grade 6 students did a fantastic job designing shields for Ivanhoe characters and other students unearthed 'bugs' in one of our successful science tasks.
Mrs Middleton visited and we arranged for her to do some reading and writing work two days a week with our early years students this term. We will be starting Japanese next week ( half the school has an excursion on Wednesday so we decided not to start this week) and our LOTE Volunteer Lucy hopes to start on Friday. 
Un-earthing bugs.
The grade 2 kids finished off their dinosaur tasks from last term. We will start our Three Billy Goats Gruff unit tomorrow.)
Some of the shields my grade 6 student finished today. I asked them to make each one a bit different.

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