Monday, 11 April 2016

Great story in today's Advertiser

STUDENTS at one of the state’s smallest schools are wearing their school emblem with pride for the first time in 126 years. 

Often disadvantaged by its remote location, 685km north of Adelaide, students at the Marree Aboriginal School have until now been without a uniform. But when new principal Maurice Saah arrived at the school, which has 18 students, in January, he brought a vision.

“Kids, no matter where they are, should have the same learning opportunities ... and it should be the same standard,’’ he said. And it started with a free school uniform.

“We have kids in Adelaide who are in uniforms all the time so why can’t our kids have uniforms?” Mr Saah said.

His proposal was put to parents and the Marree community and received 100 per cent support. That enabled the school to order the uniforms — a blue dress for girls and a red polo shirt for boys.

Mr Saah said the uniforms cost the school $16.20 a child, a small cost with big rewards.

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