Sunday, 24 April 2016


ANZAC Day is a funny have people who attend the services and who are very stoic and reverential, ( I didn't go this year, but I did go to 2 last year!) 
You have people at Coles grumpy because the store was closed until midday.
There's the slimy politicians who hypocritically praise the diggers while slashing their pension and services in the 2014 budget or like one grub today decided to link diggers with his party's negative gearing election strutting.
Then there's those who like to perpetuate the myths and you're un- Australian if you ever question them and those who see it as their duty to punch holes in those myths.
There are the businesses who profit from the ANZAC myth
The people who just see it as a welcome holiday or as the hype that goes on around a footy game and then there is this advertisement for a Ballarat club.....
This year at school I decided not to 'do anything' for ANZAC Day ( I have a friend who has promised to come out to Glen Park and show the replica medals of Cameron Baird VC to the kids ) We are reading two tales set in World War Two and will do some background work on that. We are reading The Silver Sword and should finish it early next week.

Autumn Photos of Ballarat #2

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