Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Catching Up

It was good to catch up with some old pals, Peter Clifton the principal of Magpie PS and Karolina Kuzmich the principal from Little Bendigo PS. We had a long lunch at the Golden City Hotel and a bit of a catch up. ( I think we only 'talked shop' about 50% of the time which is good for 3 principals.

I'm currently working on a unit for The Last of the Mohicans for later in the term. I'll also read Lynn Reid Banks 'The Indian in the Cupboard'.
It has been years since I read that. I made up a unit for it but it was a cut and paste job and I also remember some controversy about her portrayal of native Americans. It didn't stop her writing a few sequels but I don't think I'll update the unit, instead I'll use what I've got and work on a new short unit for Fenimore Cooper's classic. ( It is not without its detractors as well)

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