Friday, 4 July 2014

Kinder funding fiasco

Hundreds of Victorian kindergarten programs remain in doubt, following delays in the delivery of a report on federal and state government funding.

Victoria has promised to continue funding 10 hours of kinder every week for four-year-old children next year.

But the Federal Government is waiting on the results of a review before deciding whether to fund an extra five hours per week.

An independent report was due by the end of June, but it is still being finalised.Assistant Federal Education Minister Ley's advisor pointed out that the states had agreed to the process and timeframe.

But Victoria's Early Childhood Minister says if they did not agree, Canberra would have held out on additional funding.

Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews said any short-changing of kindergartens was "short-changing our kids and the life opportunities that they ought to be able to enjoy".

"When it comes to early childhood education, under Tony Abbott and Denis Napthine you are on your own, plain and simple," he said.

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Also read about the terrible story about the French teacher stabbed and killed in front of her class .

This incident comes amid concerns in France over assaults by parents on teachers, with a study released on Thursday saying that education workers in France were twice as likely to be threatened and insulted than people in other professions.

The study by the INSEE state statistics agency found that 12 per cent of education workers suffered threats and verbal abuse.

However, only 0.6 per cent of education workers reported suffering physical attacks.

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