Thursday, 17 July 2014

Wanted Posters

We have nearly finished The Prince and the Pauper. We completed Missing persons and Wanted posters today for John and Tom Canny and Miles Hendon. I'll finish the book tomorrow and we'll finish work on the book next week.I want to read a version of MacBeth later in the week.
I've ordered a DVD version online so I hope it arrives next week.

One of my students showed his endangered birds PowerPoint today to the kids and his mum.

Kevin Donnelly was busy trying to dig themselves out of the hole he dug in the Murdoch papers. sadly for his the Scott's PE teacher who 'sorted out' recalcitrant boys behind the shed was STILL ALIVE and kicking and didn't have a clue what Donnelly was on about.
We had a very chilly day today. We had sleet at one point but sadly it disappeared while the kids were putting on their boots. Hopefully there may be some more to come.

Fairfax Media tracked down Dr Donnelly's  former teacher who is now 75. Mr Murney said he had used the strap as a teacher but abandoned it in 1968. He no longer supports corporal punishment.

''I don't think in modern days that this would be a good idea," he said. "Everything has completely changed. I think children are cheekier these days, but giving them the strap is not the answer.''

In a letter to The Age, Donnelly's co-chair on the Abbott curriculum review, Ken Wiltshire distanced himself from Donnelly's controversial comments.

"In response to reports in The Sydney Morning Herald and a number of enquires, I wish to make it clear that I dissociate myself from comments attributed to Dr Kevin Donnelly regarding corporal punishment in schools," Mr Wiltshire wrote.

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