Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Glorious day

We had a beautiful sunny day today. It was like an early spring. The girls went outside today and built their cubbys and had a great time. They were having so much fun I gave them extra play time. I stay in the distance because the older ones feel a bit self-conscious play acting if an adult watches them. It is good for them to engage in this play. When they get to high school they'll just end up sitting around or walking around because they are 'too big to play anymore'.

Our tulips are taking off- I told you its like an early spring!

We have finished off our learning tasks for The Prince and the Pauper today with our danger scales and letters from the prince. Below are some of the seals they printed yesterday and their danger scales.

Tomorrow I start on MacBeth. ( I'll have to practice up on my Scottish accent) I hope they like all the bloodshed and mayhem. There is a good app for the story which I will download for them.
I'll download my Prince and the Pauper unit onto TPT on the weekend and a few freebie activities for MacBeth.
We had a Network meeting this afternoon at Gordon Hotel. We discussed a wide range of issues and decided on our principal conference date: October 17th ( That will be a curriculum day for our school.)

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