Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Long Live the King

The kids finished their obits for King Henry VIII today. They did a great job. They wrote it up on the proforma I have in the unit ( to be posted on TPT next week) and then I printed it off on brown paper.    ( See photo below) We also made stained glass windows. The girls ( and one of the boys) have brought their knitting to school and have been clicking away making scarves I think.

There has been a lot of heated reaction to Kevin Donnelly showing his true colors yesterday. 
Below is from today's Age.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne has backed away from his hand-picked education expert Kevin Donnelly after he yesterday aired controversial views on the return of corporal punishment. 

And school leaders across all systems have described the attitudes as “anachronistic”, “deplorable” and “totally unacceptable”.

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Sign the GetUp petition to get rid of Donnelly

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