Friday, 11 July 2014

Clarification sticker

I put up the clarification sticker next to the Asbestos warning sticker at school so visitors don't think our school is a toxic death trap.

I cleaned the school today ready for next week and finished the Last of the Mohicans unit. I can't find my copy of The Indian in the Cupboard so I had to order it. I'll use the unit in the last two weeks of next term.
 I also got my Harry Potter unit ready. I bought the DVD today for The Philosopher's Stone which was on sale for $6.00! The other day when I was in Clunes I bought some Bertie Botts Flavoured Beans.     ( They sound horrible) 
My Moomin figurines also arrived today from Finland. They were a bit smaller than I thought they'd be, but very cute.

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