Saturday, 5 July 2014

Chilly round the lake

It was wet and chilly around the lake today but good for clearing out the cobwebs. I've finished the Prince and the Pauper unit today. I'll post it on TPT once it is road tested. I have 2 -3 days at work organised for this week and I'll also review my old Harry Potter unit. I think the kids will like that. I've found a lot of Moomin apps for iPads which I'll download for my grade 4s for next term.
On a personal note I took my daughter to see an Australian horror movie the other night called The Babadook. It was very good so keep an eye out for it.
Photos from around the lake today below.( rowing sheds, tram, gardens and a flotilla of water birds.)

Kookaburra up at school yesterday.

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