Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Finishing off work on MacBeth

Grade 6 children have finished their MacBeth witches picture ( see below) and the grade 4s are finishing off their Moomin work ( I'll post the unit on TPT on the weekend) 

The grade 1-2s are currently doing work on The Gingerbread Man ( I'll post my folk tale unit when it's finished) 
Tonight I've been sketching pictures to go with my Harry Potter unit- yes I'm going to have a go at digitising that work so I can share it. ( picture below)

Big thanks to the people at Radmac who repaired our very expensive industrial strength laminator for me today, I was afraid it was 'stuffed'. 
I'm up to about chapter 5 in Harry Potter today. it is fun to read out loud. Last time I did this unit I think we listened to an audio tape ( year a cassette tape!) version of it read by Stephen Fry. He is terrific but nothing beats reading it out yourself.

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