Monday, 7 July 2014

Second week of the holidays.

Very busy 2 days ( Sunday- Monday) updating policies and creating new ones (Who knew we needed a policy for school incursions? ) I also got things organised for the first 2 weeks, completed some work on the accounts and changed some displays. I think I've spent the equivalent of 5 full days at school over the break and about 10 hours at home which sadly is pretty good for me. 

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with some colleagues and on Wednesday I will meet up with my Liasion Principal to sign off on my Performance Plan and next weekend I'll go up to work again to clean up before the kids return. 

Below are some photos of kookaburras around the school.( There seems to be about 5 of them who live in our school grounds) I also took a photo of the 'wetlands' that have appeared out the back of the school since we've had soggy weather.
I've also included a photo of our kitchen garden. The beans are popping up!

Look carefully, there are 2 in the tree.

Follow this link to Huffington Post to read about the Obama administration The Obama administration announcing  plans to enforce a long-ignored federal mandate: a decade-old requirement that states give students of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds equal access to quality
teachers. ( Huffington Post has many interesting stories about the education scene in the US. 

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