Friday, 18 July 2014

Long week

It's been a long week.( The first week back always is) We finished The Prince and the Pauper this morning. A nice happy ending. We talked a bit about Mark Twain and I was surprised they hadn't heard of Tom Sawyer! When I do my Last of the Mohican unit I might read Tom Sawyer as well.
We still have a few activities to do for The Prince and the Pauper before we read MacBeth to finish this unit. I have several novel versions of the play and I hope a few fun tasks to complete. I might put a few of them up as freebies on TPT. 
I'm going to do a 4-5 week unit on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone next.(Due to popular demand and I set up the display table and display board after school.) Photos below.

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