Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Premiers Reading Challenge

I popped up to school this morning before giving blood at the Red Cross ( Ouch!) and finished adding books for the Premiers Reading Challenge students. They have all finished now. the web site worked OK for a change. It seems to have a few extra features. Still some annoying anomalies - I couldn't find Pamela Allen under the author section, Moby Dick wasn't regarded as a challenge book,( Can you think of any book that is more of a challenge than Moby Dick?) no Captains Courageous or other Kipling books, no MacBeth etc but at least they had the 'My Story' and Roman Mysteries series there which makes it easier.
Everyone who decided to be part of the challenge has met their target with months to go which is sensational.
I'm working on the Prince and the Pauper unit today and should have it finished by the weekend.
Below is a link to the only movie ( taken by Thomas Edison no less) of Mark Twain.

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