Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Donnelly Leaves the Planet

We worked hard on our Prince and the Pauper reading work today. ( Below is a Venn diagram one of my grade 6 kids completed) Tomorrow we'll work on an obituary for Henry VIII. ( He just died in the story.)

I couldn't have been less surprised in my life to read this story in the Age today:
A friendly Sydney commercial radio shock-jock asked Kevin Donnelly was asked this today:

"What would you, as you've been involved with this for so long, describe as the best punishment you can come across even if it is one that has gone away?" asked 2UE host Justin Smith. "I'm not alluding to the strap here. I don't think you would ever resort to that. You would never advocate bringing that back surely?"

Dr Donnelly responded by saying, "Well" followed by a pause – an answer that surprised Mr Smith.

Dr Donnelly continued: "I grew up in Broadmeadows, a housing commission estate in Melbourne, and we had a Scottish phys-ed teacher.

"Whenever there were any discipline problems he would actually take the boy behind the shed and say, 'We can either talk about this or you can throw the first punch'.

"That teacher would probably lose his job now but it was very effective. He only had to do it once and the kids were pretty well behaved for the rest of the year."

Dr Donnelly went on to say "those days are gone". But questioned further on the merits of corporal punishment, he said: "If the school community is in favour of it then I have got no problem if it's done properly.


Done by some Scott's PE teacher behind a school shed! Are you kidding? I remember having a music teacher at my tech school nearly 40 years ago who used to bash kids over the head with a wooden desk lid. He ended up being charged for molesting mentally disabled children under his care and he topped himself. There is NO PROPER way to assault children!

This comes from the clown that the Federal Government has employed to review our National Curriculum. Which is supposed to be released this month!

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/head-of-curriculum-review-kevin-donnelly-says-corporal-punishment-in-schools-was-very-effective-20140715-3bz7p.html#ixzz37WjV73HA

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