Sunday, 21 June 2015

And by lunchtime....

States react

Victorian Education Minister James Merlino has been briefed on the proposals and hit out at the suggestion of means-testing. Victoria's always happy to participate in reforms of the federation, but universal free public education is non-negotiable," Mr Merlino said.

"This process should not allow the Commonwealth to walk away from its obligation under the Gonski agreement. "If it does, Victorian schools will be about a billion dollars worse off."

Queensland Education Minister Kate Jones said the proposed changes would be extreme and kill the Gonski school reforms. "I don't think any Queenslander wants that and certainly no-one that I've spoken to has said they'd like to see increases to fees and means-testing of public education," she said. "I think fundamentally it's part of our Australian values, that every child in our country deserves access to good quality education."

Abbott continues to duck around the issue and  far-right wing ideologues say a ‘service fee’ for wealthy parents is acceptable (while Pyne himself and Hockey have said no-is that dissention in the ranks?) 

I expect Abbott and Pyne's cost shifting exercise which will seriously disadvantage 2 000 000 state school students to continue for a day or 2 at least. I'll keep you posted.

meanwhile a lovely sunrise over the playground equipment this morning

And a lovely winter day at the gardens on Sunday.

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