Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Wrapping our mummy hands

Today we started wrapping out mummy hands. We used strips of plaster linen. They look good but we'll know for sure tomorrow when they dry.
We also finished our ghost projects and wrote newspaper advertisements for a governess for Flora and Miles at Bly. ( They needed to be level-headed, firm and not susceptible to seeing ghosts.)
They also wrote responses to the advertisement as if they were interested in the job. We tried writing using ink pens. ( Hopefully they'll be better at it when they visit Sovereign Hill next term.)

Grade 2-3 finished work on The Swineherd today when they made the bird rattle ( below) and tomorrow we'll start on the Bearslayer.

My grade 3 student also finished his Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea diorama. ( Side view before he closed it up.)

43 000 views Hooray!
Chilly winter days and decorations as part of Ballarat's 'winterlude'

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