Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Using technology to suck parents dry

The country's most elite private schools are using sophisticated technology to track information about potential donors in order to tailor their fundraising pitches and boost profits.

The program, called Potentiality, is being used by over 100 schools in the country, including several elite schools in Victoria, including Geelong College.

The software builds profiles on each donor, using Census data to estimate wealth based on the average wealth of their suburb and the likelihood of them donating to the school.

It stores every email a parent or donor has ever sent to the school's fundraising body, their payment and donation history, their volunteering efforts, event attendance and community involvement, to build a profile of the donor and measure their propensity to give.

There is also an advanced search engine that uses cross-school data to determine the likelihood of donations based on profession. will never be able to escape!

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