Thursday, 25 June 2015

Last day of term

We had a busy last day of term finishing off work from this week including our 'Ghost at Bly' painting and my grade 3 student finished his Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea tasks. We watched a version of The Ghost of Thomas Kempe on YouTube which the kids thought was pretty accurate compared to the book.
The postie also collected our Glen Park Gazettes to distribute to the locals next week.( I'll also need to do some distributing) Ballarat Lawns and Gardens came and mowed this morning and my new student teacher Jessica rang up and we organised a time for her to visit over the break. I have a few jobs to do over the break including updating eSmart and finishing a gothic mystery unit for the Moonstone and The Woman in White.

Eating pizza for lunch in free dress.
After lunch we collated our finished school work from semester one and put it all away in our portfolios.
Freshly mowed lawn.
Reports also go home tonight. I slipped in a little treat for them - a movie ticket each for the holidays.
Below is my grade 3 boys comic book cover.

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