Monday, 1 June 2015

Nino can't speel, I mean spele , I mean SPELL!

Despite being a former big wig at the Education Department, Nino Napoli cannot spell, an anti-corruption hearing has been told.

False invoices riddled with spelling mistakes were presented as evidence on Monday at a public hearing into the alleged misuse of Education Department funds.

Counsel assisting Ian Hill, QC, said he knew the allegedly fraudulent invoices were written by Mr Napoli because of the errors.

"I'll tell you why it's been prepared by Mr Napoli? He can't spell," Mr Hill, QC, said.

"He might be involved with the Education Department, but he can't spell."

"Buisness", "pamplets" and "Moone Ponds" were some of the incorrectly spelled words that appeared on invoices.

Mr Napoli's cousin Carlo Squillacioti returned to the witness box and was grilled about dozens of allegedly false invoices – worth tens of thousands of dollars – that were created by five businesses he ran with his brother Luigi.

The alleged mastermind of the scam, Mr Napoli, will front the public hearing tomorrow.

That will be very interesting. We should put together a list of spelling words Nino doesn't know for a student quiz!!

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