Thursday, 18 June 2015

Like a dream come true

From today's Age
It is the exam students dream of - one that contains all the answers.

Swinburne University students could not believe their eyes when they sat down to their Technical Software Development exam on Wednesday and were confronted with the answers.

The University has apologised to the 44 students affected by the blunder, who were told to leave the exam.

"We work hard to make sure we run our examinations without mistakes, however unfortunately sometimes things go wrong," senior lecturer Dr Markus Lumpe told students in an email.

"I realise that this will have been frustrating for you and I regret any stress or inconvenience this may have caused."

The exam has been rescheduled for 9am on Friday, giving students a few more precious hours to study.  

The University said students who are not able to make the rescheduled exam can apply for special consideration.

It is not the first bungle of the exam period.

Earlier this week 400 students enrolled in sustainable tourism at Griffith University were accidentally given exam papers with the correct multiple choice answers underlined.

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