Saturday, 6 June 2015

Time to solve this murder mystery

Victoria Police have offered eight rewards of $1 million for information that would help solve eight suspicious deaths and missing persons cases dating back to 1985.
One of the cases that have now attracted a one million dollar reward has a connection to Glen Park.
Tracey Howard murdered in 1998

A post-mortem revealed Tracey Howard, 23, was strangled to death after disappearing on November 22, 1998.

She had been out to a nightlcub in Ballarat and walked to a nearby taxi rank where she spoke to a man she knew, before getting into a taxi and leaving alone.

Her body was later found in long grass on Clarkes Hill Road in Pootilla.(Not far from our school)

Police believe she may have been killed in her home and the body was dumped later.

I remember this crime because I'd only been at the school for a few years and we were either on camp or heading off to camp  at the time. We came back and there were lots of stories and theories about but nothing ever came of the investigation and little has been heard about it since. I hope this reward offer is the catalyst for new revelations that will lead to the arrest of whoever committed this crime.

What was happening in 1998 which might jog your memory? John Howard wins government in October, the Monica Lewinsky scandal rages in the US, Adelaide win the AFL grand final and Tony Locket wins the Coleman medal, the Linton fires kill 5 CFA members, the Commonwealth Games are in Malaysia, Jezabeel wins the Melbourne Cup, a major industrial dispute breaks out on the Melbourne docks, the Silk and Miller police murders occur and a gas explosion leaves Victoria without gas for 2 weeks.

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