Friday, 26 June 2015

Gonski story on tonight's 7:30 Report

TLThe Gonski education reforms were supposed to make sure every child had an equal start regardless of where they lived or their family circumstances. The last Federal Labor government promised it, but didn't say where all the money would come from to pay for it. And the current government promised funds only for the first four years, leading some to believe the Gonski idea was dead. 

The education debate surfaced again thanks to the release of a discussion paper on education funding and Labor's inability to say if it's still committed to spending the big dollars on it. 

The New South Wales Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli, who's implemented the Gonski model, says it is working. Now, he, Gonski panel members, principals and the Education Union are calling on both sides of politics to recommit to Gonski before the next federal election. 

Interesting story from the Canberra Times by Mem Fox on school funding

Also refer to this story in the Hobart Mercury

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