Sunday, 28 June 2015

Cleaning up the TAFE mess

From today's Age

A group of unscrupulous training providers selling substandard courses will have their contracts terminated under a state government crackdown, after revelations of serious misconduct and non-compliance across the sector.

Minister for Training and Skills Steve Herbert will pump $9 million into the Education Department to start a sector-wide audit blitz, with a core group of training providers with "known performance issues" topping the government's hit list.

Nearly 10 per cent of providers were found to have high levels of risk in a damning government-commissioned review of Victoria's vocational education and training system, to be released on Monday.

Serious problems with the quality of training and delivery, rorting, exploitative marketing practices and lax auditing that has allowed misconduct to fester were uncovered in the report, by Deloitte.The Opposition ( who previously attempted to dismantle TAFE) are in denial about the seriousness of this matter of course.....which is why they are now in opposition.

Extracts from the old Register

Sadly I didn't find any original old photos prior to the 1960s but I did find the tattered old Register ( started in 1908, I'm not sure where the one from 1870 went?) and I found a few Cartledges in there. I took some copies and will mail them off.

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