Wednesday, 17 June 2015


They are cranking up what they call the Ballarat 'Winterlude' which looks like ice skating to me. I hope they will have a first aid station somewhere close!

The grade 5s are working on their tombs for the 'Jewel of the Seven Stars'. Below are photos I took this morning.
Yesterday they painted the inside of a photocopy paper box black.
Today they added the image of the 'plough' constellation.( That's the 7 starts in the title)
Then using air drying clay they made their mummies.

The mummies are drying and then they painted their tomb entrance. They also decorated their sarcophagus. ( Paper mâché pencil cases I bought from a craft store)

 Tomorrow they'll add the bandages ( thin masking tape) We will also add a curse. They should look great when they are finished - which should be tomorrow.

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