Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Wilkie Collins

I finished The Woman in White and I'll start on my Wilkie Collins gothic mystery unit this week ready for the first week back. I have prepared a display board and I will also prepare a display for our display table although I'll be sorry to dismantle my Jewel of the Seven Stars display.

I started some of the work for the unit today ( below is a photo of a pop-up card for the Woman in White.( I like to make samples of these so I know that they work and this one did) It is of the scene where Marian bravely climbs out on the ledge in a storm to eavesdrop on Count Fosco's nepherious plans.

The grade 1 and 2 are making lady bugs and the grade 2 and 3 finished their Paddington faces. this afternoon they'll help the grade 1s to make one each! ( good luck to them!!!!) The grade 5s will hopefully finish their galleries this afternoon. We still have optical illusion pictures and portraits from Dorian Gray to finish.

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