Saturday, 6 June 2015

Long weekend

It was cold and misty when I went up to work this morning. A bit chilly while cleaning the toilets. I also spent a few hours organising myself for next week. 

I finished reading the Turn of the Screw last night and finished some learning tasks for that which we'll start in a fortnight. I also finished reading The Moonstone and am currently re/reading The Woman in White for a gothic mystery theme. I'll draw some sketches for that this long weekend and start on a unit I might have to start next term. 
( Running out of time) I have a few maths tests to finish and some writing samples to collect prior to report writing next Saturday so it will be a short but busy week. 
I'll have a day off for the Queens birthday, maybe a drive to Trentham where it actually snowed this week! 
( Not the right Queen, I wonder who left the wreath?)
I bought some books for school this afternoon ( lots of fun retro versions of old titles around at the moment. )I'll relax in front of the footy tonight. 
Go Bombers! 

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